The Clearview POS system is engineered from the ground up to provide the most flexible, stable and reliable system available today. It is higly responsive and can easily be configured to suit many different requirements.

If the system suffers power outages or downtime due to other external forces, its robust design and reboot procedures get your store up and running again rapidly, with minimum disruption, loss of data and most importantly, considerably less frustration to your own waiting customers.

Supporting this, our 24/7 helpdesk is on call for emergency situations and give a rapid response if needed. For you, this sytem and support structure give security and peace of mind, in the knowledge that your vital systems are solidly built, well programmed and supported by experienced hands.

Clearview POS systems come in two main varieties:

ClearviewPOS Open systems allows your concept the best and most efficient POS in the Quick Service Sector that demands speed and efficiencies achieved through the use of leading edge Kitchen Video routing. Call us today to set up an on-site or Web Ex demo on our industry leading software application. With our North American dealer and service infrastructure, Quickservice Technologies can deliver what you demand.

ClearviewPOS Embedded systems allows your concept the reliability of a system that gets the job done at a lower price point. It delivers choice to the platforms you require and is consistent in its software among all its embedded lines.

Don't be fooled! It has the power of most Open systems and is able to communicate to our data centre without the need of a PC on-site. This gives your QSR concept the power of sales information and allows your operators to see how they compare in the chain.