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Quickservice Technologies protects your business from a wide range of security issues. Whether your business is threatened by theft, potential fraudulent behavior or the ever-expanding possibility of liability and litigation concerns, our video camera and recording solutions are built to help you.

At Quickservice, we've carefully selected digital surveillance recorders (DVR's) and cameras that can withstand the harsh demands of the restaurant industry. Extended recording times, enhanced frame rates and remote playback ability are just some of the tools included to help you be on the alert and most importantly - stay safe.


i3 DVR Surveillance Recorder

The most current i3 model of DVR that we offer is a state of the art machine built with the POS industry in mind. An advanced video analytics system matches up and overlays transactional POS data onto the respective camera viewing screens.  The database software offers powerful search and filter features - allowing for vast efficiency in narrowing down suspicious transaction activity at the registers.

Currently available in 10, 16 and 32 analog channel format - as well as virtually limitless IP configurations - the Canadian-made i3 lineup offers superior commercial quality and reliability in their entire DVR and Network VR lineup.

Remote Viewing/Playback - Need to keep an eye on things out of the office? Remote view your cameras from any internet enabled PC, even from the home office!

  • Enhanced Frame Rates - With all-new IP technologies, cameras can now deliver HD picture quality which allows you to monitor activity with even greater detail.
  • Extended Recording Times - Our robust DVRs ship with enough HDD capacity to satisfy even the most storage-needy clients.
  • Whether you want 2 weeks of recorded history or 2 months, we can provide a solution to fit your needs.  


NVR - Network Video Recorder (for use with IP cameras)

With the constant advancements in security technology new solutions are evolving every day. Recorders are becoming more compact and robust; video analytics are more sophisticated, offering better reporting from digital media sources.

The new NVR surveillance systems are replacing analog technology with better image quality, longer recording rates, integrated cloud storage, and in general offer more flexibility. Analog systems are limited in terms of camera scalability whereas with NVR hardware you can add up to and exceeding 32 cameras or more.


Mid Range Solutions

In addition to higher end Windows-based analog DVR and IP NVR solutions, we also offer a more compact  and economical embedded solution for small to midsize business operations who are looking to enhance their security with a basic feature set in a reliable package.  We can certainly customize a security solution to suit your business needs. 



The VEO DVR recorder is the perfect fit for smaller concepts that do not require text insertion or the need for mass storage. The VEO is an embedded system offered in 4, 8 or 16 channels, offering many powerful features such as real time display, remote access, PTZ control, and more.

Perfect for a small restaurant, kiosk, school or mid range business the VEO has the power to do the job.