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Tim Hortons moved into exciting territory this weekend, opening their first restaurant in Spain.

The grand opening, in the capital city of Madrid, was a great success, with eager customers queuing around the block to get a taste of the world-renowned Tim Hortons fare, enjoying a menu that also features some customized menu items developed specially for the Spanish palate.

Quickservice Technologies has worked closely with the Tim Hortons Iberia team for several weeks to develop the customized menu. Our flexible iQtouch POS software, suitably adjusted to accommodate Spanish localization and language, is at the heart of restaurant operations. It drives the ordering and tendering process, provides business intelligence reports, and keeps business running at peak speed: Even when customers are queuing around the block and coffee is flowing as fast as it can be poured.

Tim Hortons plans to open more restaurants in other cities across the country during 2018. The Quickservice support infrastructure will be provided to every restaurant in Spain as this exciting new market expands. We look forward to helping Tim Hortons to grow this market.

We wish to thank Tim Hortons for their choice of iQtouch software for all their point of sale systems throughout Spain, and for their choice of Quickservice Technologies as their restaurant support partner.

Tim Hortons opens first restaurant in Madrid, Spain.

Quickservice Technologies is proud to have recently sponsored the fundraising efforts of Chris and Nancy McCluskey on behalf of the Tim Hortons Children's Foundation.

They set their sights high. All the way to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, in fact.

Almost $700,000 dollars will go towards sending children to camp. Chris and Nancy will have to go quite some way to improve on this spectacular achievement next year!

QST would like to extend a hearty "Well done!" Thank you both, for your commitment, hard work, and dedication. And thanks for letting us be some small part of your efforts in this great cause.

Quickservice Technologies help Children's Foundation sponsors reach the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro

Tim Hortons Children's Foundation fundraisers thank Quickservice Technologies for sponsorship

The Tim Hortons chain of restaurants is famous in Canada, with over 4000 locations from coast to coast. Recent years have seen Tim Hortons expand into other countries, including the Philippines and the Middle East, notably Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

Friday June 2nd saw the successful launch into yet another country; this one a little closer to home. Scotland’s first Tim Hortons opened it’s doors in Glasgow this week and became an overnight success, with customers literally queuing around the block to get their hands on coffee and donuts.

The demand was so high that the restaurant reported they almost ran out of coffee and donuts.

Quickservice Technologies is proud to have played a role in the development and launch of this operation. Our development and implementation teams worked closely with Tim Hortons management and on-the-ground installation teams in Glasgow to ensure a smooth launch, offering a dedicated menu that speaks to the unique tastes of UK customers.

The iQtouch POS system developed by Quickservice drives the cash system while passing orders to the kitchen and sandwich stations, ensuring that those lines of customers are kept moving smoothly. We are very pleased to say that the system was able to handle this immense workload without any difficulty.

In large part due to the reliability, versatility and resilience of the iQtouch POS, as well as the International support systems that Quickservice Technologies provides, iQtouch has been chosen as the selected POS system for future sites in Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales as this lucrative new market opens up in the months and years to come.

This is yet another example of a successful collaboration between Quickservice Technologies and Tim Hortons.First Tim Hortons in Britain uses Quickservice Technologies POS

Quickservice Technologies is pleased to announce completion of another successful Point of Sale installation at a Wendy’s restaurant; this one located in West Kelowna, British Columbia.

Starting right here in Niagara-on-the-Lake, we are now in the process of updating locations throughout Canada. Our durable Panasonic hardware and best-in-class field service support are relied upon by Wendy’s and other quick service restaurant chains across Canada, the United States, and overseas.

It’s easy to see why. At Wendy’s, ‘Quality is their recipe’. It’s ours’ too. We provide the best hardware to ensure the greatest reliability. Backed by proven Panasonic durability, our hardware ensures the cash registers keep ringing.

Whenever you find yourself in West Kelowna, or Niagara-on-the-Lake, be sure to swing by Wendy’s and grab a ‘Fresh, Never Frozen’ Burger.Quickservice install another POS system in Wendy's at West Kelowna, British Colombia

Congratulations are in order! Dairy Queen number five opens for business tomorrow in Kuwait!

The iQ Touch POS system from Quickservice Technologies powers and supports the operations of all five of these busy restaurants.

Kuwait is an emerging market for POS. Quickservice Technologies and Dairy Queen are meeting the challenge together, working to make new businesses successful.Quickservice Technologies helps open fifth Dairy Queen in Dubai

Tim Hortons Children's Foundation 2015 Golf Classic

Quickservice Technologies has for many years been proud to sponsor the Tim Horton's Children's Foundation, contributing and participating at events every year.

This year, our sponsorship included attending the THCF Central Ohio Golf Classic. The Country Club at Muirfield Village was the venue on the sunny morning of Oct. 5th 2015.

With over 120 players in this Best Ball tournament, the Quickservice team of four finished at 6 over par, a score that reinforces the teams' focus on servicing and supporting Tim Horton's restaurant operators, as we clearly don't have any time to go out and improve our golf game. So then, no medals, but a great day out in a good cause.

The THCF raises funds and awareness to build brighter futures for youth across Canada, with over 17,000 children each year experiencing meaningful camp experiences. Quickservice will continue to support and sponsor this valuable national community initiative in future years.

The first Dairy Queen location in the United Arab Emirates opened this week at the Al Naeem Mall in Dubai.

Nothing is better than Dairy Queen soft serve when it's plus 40C! At that temperature demand for a way to keep cool is high, and this new Dairy Queen outlet is already rapidly becoming a popular meeting place with mall visitors seeking to get cool in comfort. The development team from Quickservice worked closely with Dairy Queen to develop the customised POS required for this installation. The iQtouch POS system from Quickservice provides the menu and order management software that keeps that soft serve moving quickly and smoothly.

The flexibility, easy configuration, and customizability of the iQtouch POS was instrumental in developing the tailored solution chosen by Dairy Queen to be the driving technology behind this flagship launch. This will be the first of many locations as Dairy Queen expand their coverage into the UAE.

Quickservice Technologies is proud to provide and support the point of sale system for this and all future Dairy Queen UAE locations. We look forward to growing this exciting new market hand in hand with Dairy Queen.

DQ welcomes you to Dubai